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In case I seem oddly silent- it's cause I'm making veeedio gaaames ;p
If you've played and enjoyed the original Shalkith and it's expansion, you'll love Dragon Clash. I've joined WarSpider Games and brought some of the most potent talent I can muster to bring you the best draconic combat game on the web.
Are you excited yet? I know I am! Stay tuned and join the mailing list to get updates, sneak previews and get the inside scoop on some of the new features and exclusive art you wont find anywhere else by yours truly :)


In the teensy chunks of spare time I have, I play Warhammer Online and Horizons! I just won the fall festival mask contest for dragon masks, so if you play do go grab one of the Ancient Helms!
contact- Horizons, Order; Dzhari
WAR- White Tower; Uultak (Marauder)
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:) one mature, one GA- thanks for looking!
(psst! Tell yer friends! ;p <3)

by the by, most of my new work is going up on Fur Affinity, with the addittion of some old stuff that may or may not have been posted here, so if you are on both places and stalk me here....stalk me there for new arts :) FA username= Blackmane
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So here's the deal. There's a lot of chattering of teeth and fretting of fingers going about the fantasy art in college thing. So....being that I am in college...I'm gonna break it down for you, and then I'm gonna go over the common bad things in amateur fantasy art.

Application stage-
Lots and lots of realistic work. Some colleges, like SCAD, will tell you they want your best peices regardless of subject, others, like Ringling, will tell you no fantasy or anime and so on right of the bat. The Ringling app is actually kind of easier for that, because you can make it up entirely of class assignments and the reveiwers know pretty well what entry level work of the human skull, etc, should look like.  With an open application it is tempting to do just what they say and include what you consider to be your best even if it is all fantasy. My advice to you is to have at least half, probably three quarters of your work be academic. Still life, figure, landscape and environment, you know the drill. The last little bit, include as much diverse media as you can. When I applied to Uarts I think I had something like ten or twelve media, including sculpture and fibers.

Foundation Year-

Foundation year is like a continuation of your portfolio...but it starts out retarded. Really. My drawing teacher had us copying basic shapes, unshaded. A typical assignment was to cut out a circle, square and macaroni shape from construction paper and then glue it to paper in a pleasing way (i.e. arrange them) and then copy the arrangement in pencil at 115% scale. It's harder than it sounds, and at the time it will probably feel frustrating and beneath you. But your class will probably contain people who arent going into drawing intensive majors, and they need to be brought up to speed. Also a lot of the people in your major will probably have never heard of DA or just be oblivious to posting online. My foundation year, one other student had an online gallery and sophomore year three others have one. Out of a class of 17. Of that 17, the same three plus myself have any aptitude with photoshop, scanning in work, taking commissions, so on and so forth. Second semester will be better than the first.

Sophomore year-

First semester is almost, but not really, a continuation of the 2d aspects of foundation. You'll be told what to use, and what size to do it in. If you're in illustration like me, you may have an anatomy class or a figure class and some classes on photography or graphic design. In my anatomy class, we were expected to literally make our own textbooks and memorize the names of the bones, muscles and tendons, their insertion points, their various tuberosities and arches. Its sort of like being in med school. Second semester you have much more freedom, generally in your core illustration class you wont be told what to use, and you'll only be told a format to use but not a inch by inch measurement. I must add, I have not once in sophomore year turned out an image for illustration that was not fantasy, and not one person has seen fault in that.

Junior year-

Junior year is much like second semester of sophomore year. My friend tells me they try to mould you a little but if you resist and show them you are doing what you want to do, what you love to do, then they will help you. You'll learn lots of technique usually on a one on one basis (I.e. a teacher comes up and says, "That doesnt look try this") and even your anatomy class will have you solving problems in an illustrative way.

Senior Year-
In my school's case, all illustration seniors are part of a gallery show called the Eli. (pronounced E-lye) The majority of this year is going to be spent getting your portfolio and your Eli done. They overlap :) You are expected to know more or less all the technique stuff you plan to use (which isnt to say you cant get help there) and the bulk of the time will be spent getting things done. I've been to two Eli, and the work has proven to be very diverse.

Okay so now we reach the second part; common mistakes in fantasy work.
Why is it that I like… more than… I asked myself one day. I wanted to put that as my featured deviation and I couldent put my finger on why until someone in class noted that I make a lot of images with no story to tell. Chase has an emotion yes, but no story. It's featured because it shows a fair amount of technical skill but it lacks a narrative. Slaughter has a narrative. You may not get it all at first look, the importance of the two suns for example, but for before college work it really has a narrative.
summation: AVOID making images that can be summed up as "thing on a rock looking pretty".

Two; Anal retentive detail

I am soooooo guilty of this. Working over a whole image with detail makes the image more bland on the whole. Pick and choose what to give your veiwers and keep in mind the arc of the eye around your image. Also, SHADOW! I wouldent use deep shadow for the longest time because I'd loose detail. WRONG! USE DEEP SHADOW! Contrast and a full range of value will help you much more than that extra row of scales will.

Three; steriotypes

There is a good reason why beastofoblivion is popular, and Shinerai as well. They both pick and choose their steriotypes well. Whether they make tweaks to the anatomy or use inventive color schemes and patterning, its very interesting! I prefer any one of their images to the famous fire and ice thing Deligaris did. We've all seen a red dragon with s-shaped horns. What can YOU bring to the table, even to that archetype, that makes it interesting and yours?

Four; Color schemes

I had to separate this out. Mainly I see this on anthro and anime art, but I need to state it here...limit your pallet folks.  Try finding a master work, like say Caravaggio, save it, open it in photoshop, and check the number of colors. Not "Orange, lightish orange etc" but basic colors. Your rainbow scheme is likely only hurting you, very few images can I think of that pull it off.

Five; lastly.. defeatism.

Look kids, if you want to be a fantasy artist you can- it's a fast growing market. Fifty years ago, wildlife art was recognised as an art form. WILDLIFE ART. It's the most selling form of art today, right ahead of fantasy.  If you want to do this you have to BELIEVE in yourself cheesy as it sounds, because nobody else will do it for you unless you do it yourself. It's a lot like walking. You need to put the first foot forward and let the second foot follow it, and so on. But the biggest thing is really convincing yourself. Hell I remember the day I 'decided' to pursue a career in the arts-same thing. I told myself I was going to do it, and then I worked to make it true. Now I'm telling myself I can be better, bigger, grander..and I'm working to make that true too.

So that's that. My professor (who is a rather famous illustrator still working for clients like Oprah and Discovery and so on) had this to say on the subject;

Draw what you love. Because if you dont love what you draw, it will show up in the finish. One of the best skills we cant teach but that you need to pick up is to be able to find a way to love whatever you may be asked to draw by a client, because even in niche markets there is going to be some assignment that you will hate...but even then you need to treat it like all the rest!
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Or at lest I hope winter's on it's last legs. Someone needs to give it a good shove >:D

Anywhooooooo....I've been on FA more lately, so if you are on Fur Affinity, please do drop by :) There's some quesionable content in there, forewarning ;3…
Also, there's this neat adoption thing going on, click this egg and you'll get to the page :3 if it hatches and gets all dragon-y, then the link will still work. Yeah yeah I'm a sap ;p

Clicky! Feed it the clicky!---> Adopt one today!  <3

Things here are good. FC was good. Hope you all are leading interesting if not particularly enjoyable paths. That's what matters in the end ;p content.
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  • Drinking: Strongbow! Dry english cider
Well hey I'm amazed you guys remember me! hehe. It's been nearly a year since I last updated-and...after going through that much school and work in between, I must confess I feel like I need to replace my entire gallery ^^;
I've got about two sketchbooks from this semester alone full of full color illustrations just in downtime that I may scan, the Jawfish is one of them. Anyway, thank you for the warm welcome, as the winter kicks off I'll go from school into production mode for Further Confusion in the spring and the commisson sale (… ) posted earlier. If you want something from me, between pricing and sheer availability, now is the time. Come spring, school starts again and it's back to the grindstones. If you're looking for a full painted peice or something like that, I may well open that in the summer, though not likely for these prices. But hey, tell your friends- I like to eat now and again and every little bit counts :)

And now, I am quite tired of writing papers (Cerebral cortex yaaaay....:P Sensory homonculus=creepy looking)
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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Hallo folks!

I'm going to experiment with something here. I will have a fair few chunks of time to my lonesome this winter. No one is large enough to guarantee a full painting, but all of them are enough time for sketches and inks! So..I'm testing the waters here and offering a sale on pencil sketches, inked work, and inked work with marker or digital cell color. I've been goofing off in these media all semester, and I feel like the style is working pretty well, I'll upload some things to DA in a few days when the last of my finals hath been slain. Everything will be a character on a blank background, varying from my acid-free 11x17 sketchbook of doom paper to funky Japanese papers I pick up and devour.

Pencil sketch- 10$. That's it, just 10$!
Inked- 20$. I do some serious inks these days, using a variety of pens, quills, brushes and markers.
Inked+color- 30$.

All payment is to be sent beforehand- I take Paypal, cheques, money orders and well-hidden cash, if you would rather give me a credit card number than I might be able to arrange a normal credit or debit payment through my mother's shop.
Looking for something specific that isnt listed here? Ravenous for a refsheet? Going bonkers for a new badge? Pining for something on specific paper? Note me and we'll talk :)
All orders will be completed in timely manner after the 15th of december.
and yes. Questions or comments, I love notes. I'm nice and not bitey I swear :)
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I come back to da for a moment, and....SPAM! Holy mother of god on a tire swing, SPAAM!

I'm not even popular- what gives? :P

Life: cold! but good. Not updating here much because a published project is in the wing.. with any luck it'll be done and either self published or picked up by a publisher sometime in the next six hundred days...
I'm a little wary of posting anything until I have a proper copywrite on it and the library of congress has a beta so I can defend myself if anything is stolen- this project represents ten years of brainstorming and at least four years of serious development. It is an rpg, pencil and paper, and the pilot for an MMORPG :) For now it is called Isochronus. If you're actually sad about not seeing me around here anymore, feel free to friend me on LJ (Username-Dustwing) and lemme know who ya are :)

School: WORK! YArr! On the plus side, I can apply most of it from here on out to the above, so huzzah. Lots of graphite. Sick of graphite. Scared of full body nude paintings for homework next semester.

Ah well :)

Should you want work done, I am for the most part busy buuuut if you are willing to wait, we can talk something out. I am considering taking commissions based on homework assignments (i.e., my assignment this week is heaven and hell/opposites, all I have to do is show some concept of good and bad and I could easily see that applied to a portrait or something) so if this strikes your fancy, note me :)
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A director is about to be paid a lot of money for a movie in which he chokes a real, live kitten to death. The scene lasts two full minutes, with the kitted being murdered by choking and drowning. Details below.……
Please, sign that.


Gak. Hope you guys are having better luck avoiding the spring krud than I am. I forgot how much I hate being sick T.T happier news, I'm back on SL. I dont know if I can submit screenshots to DA, but if I can I'll show you guys the new avs I'm making. I plan on opening a store (Who doesnt right?) and suchwot, so if you like them they should be rather affordable. Especially with sculptie prims. Luskwood is cool and all but I'm gonna see if I can give their cartoony style a run for its money.

Any species requests?
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Seems that whenever I swear off this place, I start producing something cool enough to post! Haha, anyone else have that 'problem'? Anywho, I think I'll be doing monthly updates now, with the best two or three peices done that month. Sound good?
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A rebirth. A mixing of classical ideas with fresh material. Or at least that's how I'm using it right now. I wont be posting here much for a while- only more polished things. Much of the old art I have here has been deleted, some of it kept for sentimental value or uniqueness, ect...took it down from 126 peices to like 48. Looks like I was due eh?

Anyway...I have realized that what I need is to have my ass kicked, artisticly speaking with good critiques. Here at DA we do have fun and stuff but if you want to be a professional artist you really need to go farther, work harder than that and do it in a place where every 'kudos' you get is not a minor fucking victory. I like to think of DA/Elfwood as the cradle of art in the internet generation. We start here and build ourselves up in a friendly environment where we get the encouragement we need to keep on trying without much critiques that could damage our fragile egos. It was great, it did it's purpose. Sure, I never broke 30k pageveiws, never got daily deviation, all that jazz...but I think I need to discard this husk- at least for a while- in the hopes of bursting through the rocks to the higher skies above.

So, so-long for now, and thanks for all the fish/comments/faves ;p

If you're interested in my progress, feel free to friend me on Livejournal (Dustwing) or keep an eye out for the sketchbook thread I'll be starting on
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Whooooooo, man! Glad that's over! Anyone have anything pressing I missed? :3 I havent had time to really do much with DA up untill now ^^;
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Hallo thar!

So uh..yeahp- it's what the title says :) I'm going to be taking commissions for portraits for paintings like The Death of Something Beautiful- that is, a bust with digital detail and suchwot for 50$ each. Like the addage says, a picture is worth a thousand words so if you're interested take a look! I'm willing to do humans, animals, dargons, giant plant beasts, whatever ;p .
Each commission will be emailed to you high res and posted here with a link to your DA on the image description. Note me if you are interested!
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Allright folks.

In the works, we got a dargon, possibly a few dargons, and some critters. but..what would YOU like to see? Anthros? Traditional fantasy? Digital? Pen? WoW stuff? Hey, college starts this weekend and I have 6 hour long classes- throw some suggestions at me!
I recently found this through a world of warcraft forum. It's a real time based web game where you get to be werewolves and vampires. If you wanna join, I can 'bite' you and turn you into a werewolf here… unfortunatley I dont have any vampire friends so I cant refer you to a place to get vamp'd. Werewolves are cooler anyway ;p

Also neat, is this place. It's basicly Pokemon the MMO.

I'm Dustwind on both of these places, come say hi! ^_^
oh, and if you know of something else cool, post it!
^^ I just wanted to say thanks and  <3 to all you who have commented or faved recently :) I'd have allready responded to them in the normal way, but I'm in the proccess of stuffing everything I own into boxes >> Moving sucks. But, uh, new griffon HQ is gonna be in Philladelphia. Woot woot? ^^ So <3 <3 <3, and hopefully everything works when I put it back together so I can post more stuff! ^^ I was, getting ready to log in when this song starts playing. One of those songs that, you always mean to do *something* with, in my case usually a painting in your case who knows...and this time I ignored my better judgement, threw caution to the wind, dowloaded Fraps and went for it.

The song is Stone Temple Piliot's "All in the Suit That You Wear"
Google vid…
and also up on YouTube…

Kinda raw and sucky but, hey, first attempt and I dont feel like I overused emotes so it's all good. AV in Alt+Z is crazy, by the way, especially when you are like me and not used to hotkeys.

I highly reccomend this as a pastime's kinda neat, makes you really look at things and snap up every opportunity. Just go explore and do whatever pops into your head...then open your editing program of choice, (Windows movie maker for crashed sooo many times >>)throw out 75% of it and place the rest Very Happy

No elves were actually harmed in the making of this thingus. No really. except for that one guy. Druid claws are like rubber, see? *twangs a talon* Very Happy
I hours left to be a teenager :o

So..uh...what should I do? Haha ^^
*is thinking videogames are a good idea*
Terribly, terribly excited. I think those are the words that best describe it :3
I'll be in the dealers room, listed under wasteland Studios, so, if you're there, dont be a stranger! :D
(but do tell me who you are, lest I spend like five minutes trying to figure it out ;3 )
The griffon delivers! :D…… In an attempt to raise some funds, I am offering a character commission via furbid! There is only one listed, however I will take multiple. For digital the price starts at 50$, pencil starts at 20$ and ink starts at 30$.

Email me at wasteminion @ or send me a note if you are interested!